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True flavor. Methodically extracted.

The start of something great

A vibrant cup of coffee is the perfect way to start your day.
Its aroma and taste is distinct yet recognizable, and enjoyed by all.

Experience a full sensorial journey to create the perfect cup for every occasion.

Clear Brewing Method
Artisanal taste technology

Perfecting the art of aroma, taste, and aftertaste of coffee through a scientific approach.

Precise temperature control, accurate drip in units of 0.2㎖, and a new concept of “bypass pouring” all come together to deliver a bold and clear taste.

Precise temperature regulation

Temperature technology instantly boils water at the optimum temperature for each process - steaming, extraction, and finishing. This thorough temperature control and management ensures the ideal taste.

Simultaneously, BALMUDA The Brew automatically calculates the steeping time and pouring volume.
It drops the right amount of hot water at precise intervals. Its careful drip in 0.2㎖ increments concentrates rich aromas and flavors.

Chart to describe BTB's temperature controls.

Bypass pouring,
clear aftertaste

As the brewing time progresses, optimal flavors are extracted from the beans. The brewer then stops pouring water into the dripper and adds a separate finishing water through a second spout in order to regulate the condensed components and temperature of the coffee.

This new technique achieves both a strong flavor and a clear aftertaste.

Elegant design.
Fits anywhere.

Stainless steel and matte black design for a beautifully unique presence.

Approximately 5 1/2 inches wide to fit smartly in the kitchen, home office, or anywhere else you like.

and easy to use

Select your desired cup size and type, press the button, and start brewing.

Uses standard cone filters, making it easy for everyone to enjoy.

The perfect cup.
Just for you.

Just like a barista, it carefully crafts each brew one drink at a time to deliver the optimal taste.

Bring the cafe experience to your home.

Three brewing modes optimized for superior taste


Vibrant aroma and taste


A deep and concentrated elixir


Refreshing and cool

What the experts have to say

Miki Suzuki World Barista Championship 2017
Second Place

Miki Suzuki's career as a barista speaks for itself: a consistent top-six competitor in the World Barista Championship and a three-time Japan Barista Champion. Suzuki attributes her success to good fortune and pouring her heart into every cup.

We got a chance to chat with Miki Suzuki, the second place winner of the World Barista Championship 2017, to hear her thoughts on BALMUDA The Brew. She discusses Japan’s coffee scene, the importance of a pour-over, and how coffee can tie senses to memories.

Can you tell us a little bit about the coffee culture in Japan?

MS: Japan's coffee culture has developed in a unique way and has influenced the international coffee scene. In Japan, there has long been a kissaten (coffee shop) culture of enjoying a carefully brewed cup of coffee. The kissaten culture is said to have influenced the current third wave coffee scene, and many of the coffee utensils used by baristas around the world are actually made by Japanese brands. It may come as a surprise, but Japanese people are coffee lovers and are very particular about the taste of their coffee.

As you probably know, BALMUDA The Brew is made so that you feel as if a barista is preparing coffee for you at home. How do you feel about this concept? What differences/similarities do you see between BALMUDA The Brew and actual pour-over?

MS: The similarities are that you can just pour coffee and you experience the whole of it. The room is filled with the aroma of coffee, and you can also enjoy the sound of the coffee - you can enjoy it with all five senses, and it's a bit like a ceremony, I think. Unlike a pour-over, you almost certainly won't make a mistake. Even if you're not a pro, one can easily try. If you're at home and someone else in the family does a pour-over, you would be reluctant to make a pour-over yourself, but if it was with the Brew, you’d feel you can and want to make one for your family.

You mentioned that the coffee tastes good. As a professional, can you give us your honest impression of the taste from this coffee maker?

MS: The good thing about this coffee maker is that you can enjoy a certain level of taste no matter what kind of beans you use. I feel that the worst thing about coffee, or rather the thing that customers are most concerned about, is that they make coffee wrong. BALMUDA The Brew delivers a consistent taste with any beans every time.

I think we have a lot in common in terms of the idea of connecting through coffee and BALMUDA's Better Moments Better Life, which is the idea that we want people to really enjoy a moment in their life through our products. I would like to hear about your own experiences in terms of connecting with people and your thoughts on this.

MS: It's not so much that I'm consciously thinking coffee connects everyone or creates a better moment, but it’s more that when you look back you think that those times were invaluable. Smells are very close to memories, and when you think about a smell, you remember that moment again, and you feel at peace.

“The Brew is great because no matter who does it, it never fails. No matter who in the family brews it, the taste is always consistent.”

Miki Suzuki

Ian Williams Owner of Deadstock Coffee

Ian Williams rose from janitor to shoe developer at Nike before pursuing his dream of opening Deadstock Coffee, a cultural hub showcasing Portland's design talent. Located in Old Town, the café's mantra is "Coffee Should Be Dope," promoting a snob-free coffee experience. His goal was to create a community-driven space that caters to coffee lovers and creatives alike.

We sat down with Ian Williams from Deadstock Coffee to talk about BALMUDA The Brew. He shares with us his favorite features about our coffee maker, what he loves about Japan, and the differences in coffee culture.

You're a big fan of Japan.

IW: Yes, I have visited 7 times.

Can you explain how Japanese culture has influenced Deadstock Coffee?

IW: My influence is actually based more around my love of the sneaker industry. All the coolest stuff, as a sneakerhead, was always in Japan. As I was working on Deadstock Coffee I was heavily influenced by the way things were done there, especially with the merging of streetwear fashion and coffee.

How does coffee culture differ in the US vs Japan?

IW: The way we consume coffee in America is like a tool, right? It's a tool to stay awake. But in other places, like Japan, it's a craft and something that you sit and enjoy. You know, a lot of cafes (in Japan) don't open until 10 or 11 o'clock. The way the coffee culture is seen there, compared to here, was something that I really liked.

What drew you to BALMUDA The Brew?

IW: I thought it was pretty cool that so much research and development went into it. Just to be able to recreate the hand pour-over timing and the fact that it even changes temperature each round, that's pretty cool. Learning about what BALMUDA has done overall, it doesn't surprise me that they would put that level of precision into this product.

Do you think BALMUDA The Brew is a good example of an innovation that is adding to the coffee industry?

IW: I think that the Brew fits the (coffee) lifestyle -- like the way that you should be enjoying coffee -- it fits it. It makes a great fresh cup of coffee. I was extremely impressed. And the threshold is really wide for where you're going to get a good cup. You can under brew, and still get a really clean cup. You can over brew and it doesn't taste heavy... which is pretty cool.

What sets it apart from other coffee makers?

IW: From the BALMUDA perspective, it's getting you the best version of the coffee. Whether it's from your favorite coffee spot or your usual grocery store, this will bring out the best of it. So you can use something that is essentially generic. And you can make mass-produced items taste really good.

“It takes care of the process part for you to be able to just enjoy the coffee. It is nice to have something that is so straightforward. So, you know, you just get to go straight to the enjoyment.”

Ian Williams

An excellent cup of coffee

Rick Kontra on May 30, 2023

Let me just state from the outset that the coffee produced by the Balmuda The Brew is one of the 10 best cups of coffee I have ever had. This is essentially a single-cup brewer which delivers a near-perfect pour over coffee at just the right temperature. The process takes about 5-6 minutes for a medium cup (8oz) on the strong setting... I really love my Balmuda and look forward to making coffee in the morning.

Delicious Morning Brew!

CJ on Jul 10, 2023

Have been looking the convenience of a pour over coffee machine coupled with a beautiful, minimal design: We found the perfect solution with the Balmuda the Brew! Simple and easy to use. Delicious coffee that can be easily tweaked based on tasting preference...

Great coffee - not disappointed

Leslie on Jun 24, 2023

We love coffee in our house! I have had Miele coffee makers for almost 20 years. When my Miele countertop sofa make went on the fritz, I decide I needed a backup. So I decided to try the Balmuda's new coffee machine. I already have the tea pot and toaster so I am experienced with the brand... My husband and I love the coffee. It is a different cup than the Miele makes ( it does not have the crema on top) but the coffee is exceptionally smooth and perfectly hot. The machine is easy to use and clean...

Yes, a coffee maker can be worth $700

Brian W on Jun 22, 2023

Its seems ridiculous I know. $700 is a LOT of coffee. The materials are strong and the design is very polished. Making coffee becomes something you look forward to each morning due to the experience.


BALMUDA The Brew: Origin Story

I am very pleased to introduce BALMUDA The Brew.
The development of the BALMUDA coffee machine took six years total. It was a long road, and to be honest, for a while I thought that there would never be a coffee maker from BALMUDA.

After a journey of highs and lows, we successfully created a machine that makes coffee with what we believe to be the best combination of aroma, taste, and aftertaste.
Here is the story of how we reached this quality.

Gen Terao, CEO and Chief Designer, BALMUDA

The road to nowhere

The road to nowhere

Immediately after the launch of the toaster, the coffee machine was put on the roadmap as the second product in the BALMUDA kitchen series.

The initial plan was to electrify the aeropress -- as simply using a motor to push the piston was not enough, a method was devised to extract the coffee by using steam to push the beans. This completely new method of steam pressing produced very tasty coffee, but the technical hurdles (such as controlling the steam pressure and ensuring reproducibility) were very high and development was difficult.

In the meantime, the electric kettle (which was planned for a later release) was actually launched first. Next, it was overtaken by our rice cooker launch and then by our oven. The coffee maker eventually failed to meet the technical challenges and development was canceled. All the members involved in the project were left devastated, as a year's worth of research done by a team of ten engineers were thrown down the drain.

A few years later, the concept of a coffee maker was brought up again. It was a joint project with a coffee-related company, and in addition to home appliances, coffee beans would also be sold (a subscription-type business model).

Unfortunately the result was another defeat. Under various restrictions, we could not create the right flavor this time.

I thought, "If this doesn't work, then there must be no connection. I have walked down a road that leads nowhere."

The savior, Mr. Ota

The savior, Mr. Ota

A few years later, BALMUDA increased in size. New staff joined one by one. A man named Ota joined the company as a software developer in the technical department. After meeting him at the company entrance, he told me he was a coffee fanatic and a master hand drip brewer. He wanted to make a coffee maker for BALMUDA. I briefly explained my background and told him I had no intention of doing it. However, I also said that I had some unfinished business and that if he could make very good coffee using an extraordinary method, I would consider it. From there, the search for this extraordinary method began.

The search involved heating ground coffee beans and water in a tray in a toaster -- similar to heating it up in a microwave oven. As you can imagine, those were ridiculously bad coffees.

Tasty! But...

Tasty! But...

In terms of modern trade volume, coffee is second in the world after oil. Wheat is next. Coffee has such a strong hold on people's hearts. I felt that this cup was full of the charm coffee possesses.

A few months later, Ota-san offered me a cup of coffee. Knowing he was still testing, I had no choice but to drink it. It had an enticing aroma, a strong bitterness, and a very refreshing aftertaste -- just how the Japanese like it. Strong and clear. It was a delicious cup of coffee.

What impressed me most was his persistence to achieve "the impossible". Despite all obstacles, Ota-san stayed dedicated to his mission. This dedication to taste can be enjoyed in every cup brewed.

Original method

Original method

When we asked Ota about his testing, we learned that the first method he came up with was to extract the coffee at an early stage and at a high concentration by means of a unique temperature control. This was due to his discovery that the bitter, harsh taste of coffee comes out in the second half of the extraction. The coffee is too thick to drink as is at this stage, so it is later mixed with boiling water.

The technical team began their experiments at 9:00am, which involved a lot of coffee tasting. Needless to say, by noon there was an abundance of conversation and by 3:00pm laughter rang throughout the halls. We all fell victim to a "coffee high" daily. And while sometimes we would annoy others by getting too loud, it certainly was a lot of fun.

A leap in design

A leap in design

BALMUDA's normal development process is that a design is drafted very early in the process, and then all the work following is carried out to achieve it. This time, however, the opposite was true; the technology was there first. We found ourselves stuck on the question: what should a machine that creates this taste and aroma look like?

It wasn't until a designer suddenly brought a finished design mock-up. It was classic and elegant. The footprint was small, and featured an impressive open water drip.

Hot water is gradually poured in front of your eyes, the beans swell, and the aroma fills the room. Even the sound of the steam on the controls is live, providing a vibrant experience.

I think the day that design draft was presented was actually the day that BALMUDA The Brew was created.

For various mornings

For various mornings

It is a dazzling feeling when you sleep well and wake up feeling good. Unfortunately, not all mornings in life are like this. Some mornings are quiet, and some can be hectic. But no matter what kind of morning I wake up to, the first thing I do is go to BALMUDA The Brew. This has been my habit every morning since the first prototype arrived at our house.

Sometimes I wait while it brews, sometimes I perform tasks. I then open my work notebook next to my steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee. "Work again", I think.

And yet, I feel slightly different. It is a nice feeling to be greeted every morning by a wonderful aroma and a distinctive taste.

BALMUDA The Brew, for all kinds of mornings. We hope you enjoy the best coffee experience at home.

Better Moments, Better Life. | BALMUDA

Better Moments,
Better Life.

We believe every moment fully lived is a step towards a better tomorrow.