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BALMUDA The Speaker

BALMUDA The Speaker


The Brilliance of Music

A unique speaker that creates clear, three-dimensional sound.

Featuring lights that precisely
synchronize with the music.

We deliver the energy of sound to both your
ears and eyes, creating a whole new musical experience.

For music lovers,
by music lovers

This project was a labor of love for BALMUDA's CEO and Founder Gen Terao. Having spent his previous days in a rock band, this speaker holds a special place in his heart. His goal was to design a speaker that could emulate the thrilling sensation of live music.

Live stage experience
from your home

The high quality acoustics reproduce the vocally-driven and three dimensional sound of a live performance. The lights recreate the visual excitement of a concert.

This speaker is designed to recreate a full sensorial immersion into live music. The light tubes placed inside the speaker act as the embodiment of three band members performing on stage.

Welcome to your very own live music experience from home!

Music your way

Portable and rechargeable. Compatible with Bluetooth® and AUX input.

With 360° omnidirectional sound, you and everyone around you can enjoy the music together.

Take the power of music with you wherever you go.

Sound that you can see

Inside the speaker are three tubes set with LED lights that correlate with the music. The lights are precisely synchronized at a speed of 0.004 seconds. This effect delivers an uplifting experience similar to a live stage performance.

Three distinct light experiences

Beat Mode

Full music and light synchronization that provides a fully immersive experience.

Ambient Mode

Gentle music synchronization with moderate flickering.

Candle Mode

A consistent flickering that provides a calm glow, regardless of the music.


Sound is reproduced with crisp dimensionality, all while maintaining the acoustic integrity of the song. This design makes the speaker perfect for vocal-oriented music. You will feel as if the singer is performing just for you.

A unique technology that brings the true thrill of music

The 77mm speaker facing upward allows a three-dimensional sound with the acoustics travelling horizontally. It delivers honest sound to the listener without unnatural distortion. Combined with a unique algorithm that converts sound into light spark at a speed of 0.004 seconds. The LED lights unit are placed in three beautiful vaccum tubes unit to shine bright like a live stage.

BALMUDA The Speaker: The Story

From the time I started BALMUDA, I decided that I would never build audio equipment. I believed that no matter how high quality the stereo sound sources were, they would never be able to reproduce the feeling of live performance. It was a suggestion from a designer one day that overturned this belief. Here's the story behind the development of BALMUDA The Speaker.

Gen Terao, CEO and Chief Designer, BALMUDA

No way I’m making a speaker

No way I’m making a speaker

Before I founded BALMUDA, I was a musician. Those days were rebellious and bittersweet. The feeling of strumming a first chord, creating a new sound with my band, or hearing my voice reign throughout a venue moved me to my core. I felt this way because I played the music myself, I never received the same feeling from a recorded sound source. That's why I originally decided not to make any audio equipment.

Science and technology of the highest order

Science and technology of the highest order

In my personal opinion, there is no more advanced science and technology than music. How on earth was it ever created? It is a wonderful technology that combines the scientific and artistic power of humans to this point. It's logical and yet human. It's precise and yet familiar. For example, what else can warm or inspire someone's heart in three minutes? And in the most critical case, something that could change someone's life in three minutes.

A few inventions

A few inventions

What changed my mind about making an audio device was a concept model created by one of our designer. It was shaped like a boombox with the space between the speakers, being hollowed out to look like a live stage. The lighting changed to match the song and, to my surprise, during the chorus, a little mirror ball started spinning. It was an amazing experience! However, the lights weren't lit by analyzing the song, they were programmed specifically for this one song. That's when we started to develop an AI capable of doing so. Unfortunately, it couldn't recognize the chorus from the bridge. Just when I was about to give up, another designer came in with a new idea. The brightness of the LEDs were simply following the energy of the sound. Very simple but brilliant. Our speaker was born from the relentless creativity and imaginations of our designers.

Design and light

Design and light

The biggest feature of BALMUDA The Speaker is, of course, its light. The goal was to create a sense of realism, as if you were watching a live stage. Through trial and error, I tried to express the complexity of music, instead of just lighting up according to the sound. It's a trade secret what kind of ingenuity we did, but I think it turned out to be a very musical light.

I personally wanted to give it the feel of vintage music equipment that I've been familiar with since my musical days. I brought old pieces of equipment into the office and analyzed the features with the designers. Because it is a modern device (wireless capabilities) I wanted to add some heart by referencing good old things.

No lyric, no life

No lyric, no life

They say speakers are all about sound, but is that really true? Normal speakers are designed to have as flat a frequency response as possible, plus, in many cases, a slight make-up of the bass and treble in order to give the impression that it sounds good. The core of modern music is the vocals, and our goal in creating the sound of BALMUDA The Speaker was to make the singer's voice sound moving.

The large 77mm diameter speaker unit faces upwards and the vocalist's focus on the sound created a magic effect that allowed us to hear the contours of the rest of the instruments clearly.

A crystal night

A crystal night

I've decided on a song to listen to at the end of my life. It's my favorite song in this world. It's "Every Breath You Take" by The Police. I first encountered this classic song in the summer when I was 17 years old. I had dropped out of high school and was about to go on a trip to Europe by myself. Knowing that I was equally excited and fearful for the complete freedom that lay ahead, my classmates gathered at my house a few nights before I was set to leave.

That night, a friend gave me a CD called "Synchronicity" by The Police and told me to list to the seventh track only. As soon as the intro sounded, I gasped. It was playing from nothing but a boombox, but the vast world of the song opened up in front of me. It was a clarifying and bittersweet moment. A little after listening to the song, I stepped out and will never forget the sky that night. Music is a such a powerful tool.


Better Moments,
Better Life.

We believe every moment fully lived is a step towards a better tomorrow.