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  • Kettle

    BALMUDA The Kettle

    The kettle that delivers a pouring experience unlike any other. Compact in size with an expertly-crafted design, the nozzle and handle help control the flow.

  • Toaster

    BALMUDA The Toaster

    The toaster that delivers the ultimate aroma and texture. Unique steam technology and precise temperature control recreate the flavor of freshly baked bread.

  • Lantern

    BALMUDA The Lantern

    From warm flickering candlelight to warm white light, BALMUDA The Lantern is an LED lantern that makes everyday life a little more special.

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Perfect toast every time

George P Hassapis on Jan 17, 2022

It is still strange to me that something so seemingly simple as a toaster can have such a big impact. [...] It is fun and easy to use, and delightful addition to our daily routine. Thanks, Balmuda for such a thoughtfully designed and engineered product.

A great toaster

Seth Berk on Mar 14, 2022

We have been incredibly happy with our recent purchase of the Balmuda toaster. We have never realized that toasted bread could also be moist. This sets a new standard for a toaster. The outside the box thinking that led to its design is inspirational to me.

Best Toaster I Never Knew I Needed!

Cathie on Jun 27, 2022

I was skeptical that this toaster would live up the hype, but I was blown away by how great it is. [...] We’ve tried a few different things in here and everything we’ve done has turned out great.


Sheetal Sheth on Dec 22, 2021

The Balmuda is so versatile and each setting works amazingly. My food is better than ever [...] Thrilled with the product.

Epic toaster

Scooter on Jan 4, 2022

Step function improvement over my previous toaster. I haven't tried half the settings yet, but so far the results have been spot-on for a variety of recipes. Lastly, the compact size is perfect for me.

Toaster Magic

Maryanne Welton on Dec 29, 2021

This toaster makes toast and pastries the best possible versions of themselves -- just the perfect springy, chewy, crunchy texture without any dryness. [...] A brilliant piece of product design that functions beyond my wildest dreams!

Elegant Quality Kettle

Terrence on Jun 6, 2022

Easily the best kettle out there. Very elegant in its design and feels very high quality in the materials. Best part is the kettle boils quickly! Would buy it again.

Functional with great aesthetic

Jen on Feb 19, 2022

The feel of the material was great when we got the kettle. Looks and feel durable. Water boils fast and easy to use. The size was just what we need to be minimal on our counter.


Mary on Jan 18, 2022

I replaced my whistling tea kettle that I have had for years for The Balmuda. I love it! I plug it in and it heats up the water so quickly. I don't worry about not turning the gas stove off. The Balmuda shuts off automatically. I love the look of the kettle on my counter and the simple pour. Thank You, Balmuda!


Tony G. on Jan 22, 2022

I’ve had many kettles……none like this one! Spout pours perfectly and it’s so easy to control. The kettle is the perfect size for my single or double pour over. Great product! What else can I say!


Tony on Jan 1, 2022

I’m incredibly pleased with my Balmuda Kettle! It heats up very quickly, the build and finish are impeccable, its extremely light, and most importantly, it pours perfectly because it feels so well balanced in my hand. [...] My Balmuda has really improved my pour over technique!

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    “The Best Portable Outdoor Light”

  • The Balmuda Lantern Is a Thing of Ambiance-Setting Beauty

  • BALMUDA's The Lantern has Light Settings for Every Mood

  • The Warm Illuminance of Balmuda The Lantern

  • Balmuda Lantern Review: A Designer Light that Works Outdoors and Inside

Great Product

Austin on Jan 28, 2022

Love the vintage vibe of this lantern but it works in a modern way. Great product and excellent quality. Highly recommend!

Light for living

Greg Warwick on Apr 23, 2022

The light from the lantern is beautiful and I use it for early morning thinking or in the evening after using my telescope.
I recently gave one to my son who is completing his dissertation by its light, like Cicero. Perhaps it seems expensive to some, but I’ve found it an affordable luxury, and sort of needed right now.


Leah on Jan 8, 2022

Just love everything about this lantern. No surprise, they have thought of everything: chargeable, simple design, perfect size and the loveliest warm, amber glow at the lower setting. [...] Thanks Balmuda. Can't wait to see what's next!

Gorgeous Little Lantern

Danna Hey on Dec 26, 2021

This lantern is even more sleek and beautiful in person than it is in the photos online. The light output is really nice on all settings [...] Liked it so much I bought another for a gift!


Baird on Jan 13, 2022

I like to use the lantern for outdoor dining. You can start with mood lighting and turn the lighting up as you linger in the darkness.

Excellent lamp

Simon on Sep 27, 2021

Been waiting something like this for ages. Rechargeable. Light. Different moods. Works wonderfully and all that have seen have loved it and commented on its quality.

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