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BALMUDA The Toaster
The iconic Japanese toaster
True flavor. Methodically extracted.
BALMUDA The Speaker
The brillance of music
BALMUDA The Kettle
Simple effective. Beautifully compact.
BALMUDA The Lantern
Illuminate your every moment
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This is a fabulous Toaster!

Pia on Dec 29, 2023

This is a fabulous Toaster! Perfect reheated pizza, amazing bagels - we love it!

Greatest toaster ever

Davin on Oct 4, 2023

Greatest toaster ever created. So much more than a toaster.

More than I could have dreamed of

Jeanne on Sep 17, 2023

I had given up on every having toast similar to that I had in the 60's, then I bought the Balmuda toaster. This toaster improves the bread taste! Such an pleasurable treat to own one. It's small, but mighty and it performs as advertised!

A toast to great toast

Chloe on Jan 9, 2023

You don't think you need this, but truly, you do. Consistently perfect toast: Chewy on the inside, crunchy on the outside. Makes breakfast a delight.

It's the best!

Ellie on Jan 7, 2023

I’ve spent $300 on a lot of useless stuff that I can’t account for… this toaster oven is state of the art and does not disappoint!


Ray Fleitas on Oct 8, 2023

The kettle in white is perfect! Exactly what I was looking for... I also love I can bring the kettle with the hot water where ever I'm sitting since the underside of it stays room temperature...

Efficient - it had me at the auto shutoff feature

Mary Holder on Oct 7, 2023

I love the slimline & size, the quality, everything, it is so elegant and functional. I love that it turns itself off the most... So this is perfect in everyway, I love it!

Perfect kettle

Jane Matz on Jan 8, 2023

Heats quickly, our coffee has never been better!

Love it!

Mary Holder on Jan 15, 2023

This kettle is so very beautiful just to look at. What I appreciate the most is how will balanced it is and how easy it is to handle. I enjoy it very much.

  • The GQ 2022 Home Awards
    “The Best Portable Outdoor Light”

  • The Balmuda Lantern Is a Thing of Ambiance-Setting Beauty

  • BALMUDA's The Lantern has Light Settings for Every Mood

  • The Warm Illuminance of Balmuda The Lantern

  • Balmuda Lantern Review: A Designer Light that Works Outdoors and Inside

Nice stuff

thomas hansen on Mar 14, 2023

It’s smaller than anticipated, but after adjusting to expectations, it’s fine. The light temperature is soothing. Overall a great product.

Love my Lanterns…

Larry Goldsmith on Nov 15, 2022

I bought two...they are always and forever on my window sill....and then when I need one to light up my guitar amp conrol section...I just take it on over and let the nice amber glow set the mood. Thank you Balmuda!!

Great Product

Austin on Jan 28, 2022

Love the vintage vibe of this lantern but it works in a modern way. Great product and excellent quality. Highly recommend!

Light for living

Greg Warwick on Apr 23, 2022

The light from the lantern is beautiful and I use it for early morning thinking or in the evening after using my telescope.I recently gave one to my son who is completing his dissertation by its light, like Cicero. Perhaps it seems expensive to some, but I’ve found it an affordable luxury, and sort of needed right now.

Pleasantly surprised…

Sean on Jul 22, 2023

... I’ve tested this against my own pourover... the Balmuda takes the cake. Reliable, tasty brews that highlight the intended notes of the coffee. Well done. I’ve also tested this side-by-side vs the venerable Moccamaster, and it’s no-contest for me - the Brew by a MILE.

Great coffee

Steve P on Nov 28, 2023

I have used Kona Pea erry beans from Hualalai Estate and didn't think the coffee could ever taste better. The Brew has upped the game on pour over coffee. Highly recommend The Brew to anyone who appreciates a great cup of coffee.

Pour over dream

KJ on Dec 21, 2023

...I was impressed at the engineering that went into manufacturing this machine. I was more impressed at the consistent and delightful coffee that resulted. It is a splurge but for coffee lovers is a gem...

An excellent cup of coffee

Rick Kontra on May 30, 2023

Let me just state from the outset that the coffee produced by the Balmuda The Brew is one of the 10 best cups of coffee I have ever had... I really love my Balmuda and look forward to making coffee in the morning.

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