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Three modes to
suit your mood

Enjoy a cup that suits your mood and taste.


Brilliant aroma and clean aftertaste

The perfect representative cup of BALMUDA The Brew with a pleasant flavor and no cloying taste.

Size Water (approx) Coffee
Small 4.0 fl. oz. 0.35~0.50 oz.
Medium 8.0 fl. oz. 0.70~1 oz.
Large 12.0 fl. oz. 1.0~1.34 oz.


Deep and concentrated flavor

By dropping the hot water at short intervals the taste components of the bean are more concentrated.

Size Water (approx) Coffee
Small 4.0 fl. oz. 0.35~0.50 oz.
Medium 8.0 fl. oz. 0.70~1 oz.
Large 12.0 fl. oz. 1.0~1.34 oz.


A refreshing, cool sensation

Brewed at the optimum concentration with a pouring timing specially designed to achieve a rich taste, even with plenty of ice.

Size Water (approx) Coffee
Small 2.5 fl. oz. 0.42~0.56 oz.
Medium 5.0 fl. oz. 0.85~1.13 oz.
Large 7.5 fl. oz. 1.27~1.41 oz.

Simple to use

Choose your favorite coffee beans and desired brew mode. Enjoy.
  1. Preparation

    Grind your preferred beans to a medium-fine to medium consistency.

    Set the filter and fill with the grounds.
    Fill the tank with desired amount of water.

  2. Turn on to begin

    A faint light turns on with a start-up tone.
    Select from the three extraction modes along with the size of choice.

    Press the Start button to brew.

  3. Delightful finish

    A pleasant chime signals that the extraction is complete. Shake the carafe to evenly distribute the brewed coffee.
    Pour and enjoy a cup of delicious coffee made easy!

Full sensorial experience

Rising steam signals the start of the process.
The swell of the beans, the wafting aroma,
the soothing sound.
Enjoy the aroma as the fresh beans drip.

A gentle ticking sound plays while brewing that is reminiscent of the pendulum of an old clock.

Easy to clean

Removable water tank

Easy to supply fresh water each time.
Easy to clean after use.

Equipped with an internal cleaning mode

Recommended to run once a month to keep the unit clean.

Better Moments, Better Life. | BALMUDA

Better Moments,
Better Life.

We believe every moment fully lived is a step towards a better tomorrow.