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About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us

About Us

"Creating wonderful experiences"

BALMUDA is a Tokyo-based creativity and technology company founded in 2003. We contribute to the world by using the power of technology to turn visions of the future into concrete reality. This is our mission. By thinking in entirely new ways, we make appliances offering unprecedented value.

In the past, appliances were designed to eliminate inconvenience. Today, however, with our daily lives more convenient than ever, what people look for in appliances seems to be changing.

What people demand from tools and services today is, in a word, experiences, whether surprising, moving, or joyful. At BALMUDA, we create home appliances designed to deliver a thrilling, wonderful experience. 

Gen Terao, CEO and Chief Designer, BALMUDA

Balmuda CEO


Gen Terao

Born in Japan in 1973, Gen Terao developed a taste for freedom and adventure at an early age. He dropped out of high school at the age of 17 to wander around the Mediterranean. Filled with inspiration he gathered from Italy, Spain, and Morocco he returned to Japan to devote himself to music. His passion lead him to sign with a major rock label, but eventually decided to continue independently with his band. In 2001, the band separated and Gen was looking for a new challenge and life adventure. He decided to take a brand new path in life by studying design and manufacturing -- providing him the tools needed to create BALMUDA in 2003. Gen's taste for trailblazing and his uncompromising passion for life are instilled into BALMUDA's DNA. From the smell of freshly baked bread in Spain, to the cool feel of a Japanese summer breeze, each product he develops carries a piece of his life experiences.


Founding of "BALMUDA Design", with X-Base as debut product.
Release of GreenFan, an electric fan that recreates natural breezes.
Company name change to "BALMUDA".
Entry into South Korea market.
Entry into Germany market with founding of German subsidiary, BALMUDA Europe GmbH.
Entry into China market.
Release of BALMUDA The Toaster and entry into kitchen appliance market.
Entry into Taiwan market.
Entry into Hong Kong market.
Entry into US market.

Company Profile


Company name
Head office
5-1-21 Kyonancho, Musashino, Tokyo 180-0023
Gen Terao, CEO
March 2003

Authorized Distributor in USA

Company name
transcosmos America, Inc.
879 W 190th street #410, Gardena, CA 90248

Our Story

Determined to make the world’s best products

Determined to make the world’s best products

Gen Terao single-handedly founded BALMUDA Design. Determined to make the most stylish products in the world, he crafted components of aluminum and steel in a corner of a workshop to assemble into BALMUDA Design’s first product, the X-Base. This was the first of many peripherals that improved computer usage environments.

Beautiful and functional LED lighting

Beautiful and functional LED lighting

The Highwire is an LED desk light optimized for viewing computer displays. LED technology was hailed as an advanced, long-lived light source upon its introduction, but dimness was its weak point. The Highwire solved this problem with heightened heat dissipation. This would deliver a new kind of light, pure white and bright enough for desktop users’ needs. Highly functional and beautiful in form, this was a desk light for the new century.

Reinventing the fan

Reinventing the fan

This product began from the desire to make an electric fan that could deliver a truly pleasant breeze. The great discovery was that dual blades, created after studying fluid dynamics, gave off a gentle air flow that mimicked an outside breeze. The unprecedented adoption of a DC motor for quieter operation completed the GreenFan. It was the first innovation in electric fan technology in a century.

Air conditioning appliances like no other

Air conditioning appliances like no other

AirEngine is an air purifier that creates strong suction using circular airflow. SmartHeater is a personal heater that features rapid warming technology. Rain is a humidifier without a tank. BALMUDA has released product after product to global acclaim, celebrated at design awards not just for their appearance but also for their functionality.

Designing experiences

Designing experiences

BALMUDA entered the kitchen appliance category with BALMUDA The Toaster, which takes a scientific approach to delicious toast. The product proved a smash hit, and BALMUDA’s kitchen appliance line set their sights on expansion. In 2016, they released a small but beautiful electric kettle. In 2017, they introduced an entirely new steam-based electric rice cooker and a microwave. In 2018, BALMUDA ventured into LED lighting products, including a desk light designed to protect the sensitive eyes of children and a portable lantern. With every new product, the company furthers its goal of creating products to improve users’ lives.