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Iced Café Au Lait

Iced Café Au Lait

The goal was to recreate the iced café au lait that are made at your local coffee shop. The Iced Mode was developed with an extraction method that retains the original taste of coffee, even with plenty of ice and milk. Using a dark roast will give a rich taste, while using a light roast will create a gentler café au lait.


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1 cup

2.4 tsp ground coffee (deep roasted, medium-fine ground)
2.5 oz milk
Ice cubes



Ready in 5 minutes

  • Put the ground coffee in the dripper and select Iced Mode and Size S.
  • After brewing, pour the coffee into a glass with ice.
  • Gently pour the milk over the ice in the glass to create a beautiful double layer of deliciousness.


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