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Better Moments, Better Life.

Life is a series of moments defined by the attention
we give them.

Living in the present,
Acknowledging each action,
Cherishing every second.

BALMUDA products are designed to help you enjoy
these moments to their fullest.
Carefully crafted to stimulate the senses
and resonate deep within.

We strive to turn each moment
into a wonderful experience.
And we believe every moment fully lived is a step
towards a better tomorrow.

Better Moments, Better Life.

Recipe for Better Life
Enjoying each moment is the essence of living. Whether it is a delicious toast in the morning, a soothing cup of coffee on the balcony, or a relaxing stroll at dusk. We strive to enhance these moments with our products, and seek recipes that bring positivity into our lives. What is your recipe for a better life?


We asked our friends to share with us their inspirational recipes for a better life.
Amanda Michael


Amanda Michael

Founder and Owner of Jane the Bakery

Amanda is a San Francisco native and the owner and founder of the Jane cafes and bakery in San Francisco. Her mission is to serve healthy and delicious fresh baked goods, coffee drinks, breakfast and lunch. The food is always ingredient driven and flavor forward. She works with local farmers and millers to source unique grains and produce that are a big part of all she makes. Her baked goods are considered among the finest in the Bay Area. Amanda spends her days going between the cafes, creating new dishes and interacting with staff and customers. When she comes home at night she cooks for her family - working on new ideas to bring to work.