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BALMUDA The Kettle

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Easy to use and light to handle, BALMUDA The Kettle is the perfect size for common kitchen needs. It holds just enough water for three standard cups of coffee — or two large mugs.

Precise pouring: BALMUDA The Kettle’s spout is designed for precise flow rate. Based on tireless ergonomic research, the handle fits snugly into your hand and the hot water flows smoothly and cleanly from the nozzle. It lets you direct the flow exactly where you want it to go. From careful overpouring to everyday cup-filling, this kettle is a beautiful and comfortable companion.

Rapid boil: Because it is smaller in size, the water is heated faster. It means you can enjoy a cup of coffee in no time. Less time in front of the microwave or stove means more time to enjoy!

Gentle glow: Emitting a delicate glow from a tiny neon tube in the handle, the kettle’s power light is a unique feature that can be seen from any angle. This attention to detail helps enrich even the few minutes it takes to boil water.

Beautifully designed: The alluring texture of painted stainless steel and gentle light glow makes boiling water an everyday joy.

iF Design Award 2017
reddot award 2017
Good Design


Unit dimensions: 
W 10.6 in. × D 5.6 in. × H 7.6 in.


Unit weight: Approx. 2 lbs


Rated capacity: 0.6 L (20 fl oz)


Power supply: AC 120 V 60 Hz


Rated power consumption: 1200 W


Length of power cord: Approx. 2.5ft


WARNING: This product can expose you to 2-Ethylhexyl acrylate, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Ray Fleitas

The kettle in white is perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. I don't use it to brew anything, just hot water I drink every morning. It's as simple as can be, just press the lever down and that is all. It turns off when the water is super hot. I also love I can bring the kettle with the hot water where ever I'm sitting since the underside of it stays room temperature, so not having to pour the hot water into another vessel is wonderful!

Efficient - it had me at the auto shutoff feature

I love the slimline & size, the quality, everything, it is so elegant and functional. I love that it turns itself off the most. Before this purchase, I would put my old teapot on the stove for boiling water to make tea, go to my desk (work remotely) and proceed to forget about everything but work including the teapot (no whistle function), even with a timer. So this is perfect in everyway, I love it!

Ray Fleitas
White Kettle

It's perfect! It arrived the very next day and it is exactly what I wanted. Simplicity and clean lines! Just press the 'switch' down and nothing more. I just wanted something simple to heat water and this was perfect. Well made and looks great in my kitchen.

Balmuda Tea kettle

Pricey. Love my new kettle!

Yo yo
Cool stuff to have

It is well- designed and cool looking kettle. I love the warm light. It lifts spirit up. use it throughout the day. Good to have a nice stuff.