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BALMUDA The Brew launch

Apr 19, 2023

BALMUDA The Brew is a premium coffee maker that combines innovative brewing technology with elegant design and ease of use, making it a popular choice among coffee lovers who are looking for a daily high-quality brewing experience at home. The machine aims to highlight aroma, taste and aftertaste.

BALMUDA The Brew introduces its “Clear Brewing Method”, which utilizes temperature control, precise drip increments, and bypass pouring to create a bold and clear flavor. Its open drip technology allows all five senses to experience this brewing process, the same as if a barista was creating a pour-over cup at a cafe. Each drink is made one at a time to deliver a freshly brewed cup with the methodically-extracted true taste of coffee. A passion for quality and taste through innovation and experience is what BALMUDA is known for. 

The sleek machine, just over five inches wide, features a matte black exterior that contrasts its elegant stainless steel carafe. It fits smartly in the kitchen, home office, or anywhere else you like.

BALMUDA The Brew will be available on, from May 18th.