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BALMUDA The Lantern

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BALMUDA The Lantern will light up your space with its soft glow. It is the perfect addition to any setting. Let the lantern bring a special brightness to even the most ordinary of moments.

Unique illumination: Bright enough to illuminate the hand and gentle enough to calm the mind, BALMUDA The Lantern illuminates your environment and enhances your spirit. The LED light placed at the top is guided into a central tube and emits light softly. The light source is hidden in the top so that it does not shine directly in your eyes.

Adjustable brightness: Adjust the brightness or change the color temperature with the turn of a knob. The light settings change from a flickering candlelight, to an amber glow, and then a warm white light.

Candle: Emulating the soft dance of a candle’s flame to create a relaxing atmosphere. It is the perfect accompaniment for drinks, music, and conversation.

Amber: A natural and gentle brightness with warmth in color. It can be used as a bedside lamp or a night light.

Warm white: A warm white light, perfect for reading in the dark. It is also recommended for outdoor activities such as evening walks.

Multi purpose design: BALMUDA The Lantern is the perfect addition to any situation — whether it’s at the dinner table, in your bedroom, or in the great outdoors. Inspired by old-fashioned lanterns, its sophisticated and versartile design suits countless scenarios that call for quality illumination.

Light weight and water resistant: BALMUDA the Lantern can safely illuminate even after a few light splashes or rain drops. It is the perfect companion for outdoor dining or a peaceful evening stroll.



Unit dimensions: 
W 4.4 in. × D 4.1 in. × H 9.8 in. (Including the handle)


Unit weight: Approx. 1.39 lbs.


Consecutive usage time: 
3 (max illumination) – 50 (min illumination) hours


Power consumption: Up to 6.0 W


Battery charging time: 
Approx. 6 hours

The duration may vary depending on operating status or environment.


AC adapter: 
Input AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, Output DC 5.0 V, 2.0 A


Power cable length 3.3 ft


WARNING: This product can expose you to 2-Ethylhexyl acrylate, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
thomas hansen
Nice stuff

It’s smaller than anticipated, but after adjusting to expectations, it’s fine. The light temperature is soothing. Overall a great product.

Banks Holcombe
Nice lantern however wish I had sought something larger

The quality of the light is appreciated and the color adjustments that the lantern offers is appealing however the size of the lantern does leave a fair amount to be desired. In addition, at full brightness, it does not emit a ton of light and thus should not be expected to illuminate a decent sized room. Further, it is noted that at a certain level, the light will flicker like a flame...I find that claim to be a significant stretch. It does have a slight variation in the light being emitted but it is hardly that of a flame which is disappointing as that was the element that pushed me over the edge, into buying the lantern.

Larry Goldsmith
Love my Lanterns...

I bought two...they are always and forever on my window sill....and then when I need one to light up my guitar amp conrol section...I just take it on over and let the nice amber glow set the mood.

Thank you Balmuda!!

Greg Warwick
Light for living

The light from the lantern is beautiful and I use it for early morning thinking or in the evening after using my telescope.
I recently gave one to my son who is completing his dissertation by its light, like Cicero. Perhaps it seems expensive to some, but I’ve found it an affordable luxury, and sort of needed right now.

Great Product

Love the vintage vibe of this lantern but it works in a modern way. Great product and excellent quality. Highly recommend!