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BALMUDA The Kettle

Simply Effective, Beautifully Compact.

BALMUDA The Kettle

Simply Effective, Beautifully Compact.

BALMUDA The Kettle

Simply Effective, Beautifully Compact.

BALMUDA The Kettle

Turn each morning into a wonderful experience.

Lightweight and
perfectly sized

Lightweight and easy to use,

BALMUDA The Kettle is the perfect size

for everyday kitchen needs.

It holds enough water for three standard

cups of coffee or two large mugs.

A pour so smooth
it becomes a pleasure

Due to our tireless ergonomic research, we’ve created a pouring experience unlike any other. The handle fits snugly into your hand and the hot water flows smoothly from the nozzle, letting you direct the flow exactly where you want it to go.

From carefully made pour-over coffee to ordinary cups of tea, this kettle is a beautiful and comfortable companion.

A gentle glow,
visible from every angle

Emitting a delicate glow from a tiny neon tube in the handle, the kettle’s power light is a unique feature that can be seen from any angle. This attention to detail helps enrich even the few minutes it takes to boil water.

Slowly, quickly and freely


Make coffee breaks more fun

Coffee, black tea, green tea—whatever your brew of choice, BALMUDA The Kettle can put more flavor and fun into your cup.

Black Tea

Drinking black tea lets you savor the distinct character of the tea leaves, enjoying the rich aroma and gentle amber color. Using freshly boiled water with plenty of air in it helps bring out the aroma clearly.

Iced Coffee

Nothing hits the spot on a hot day like an aromatic, refreshing iced coffee -- and using the pour-over method is now easier than ever! Make sure to use a lot of ground coffee, and start the extraction slowly.

Drip Coffee

The drip style gives a refreshing, easy-to-drink cup suitable for many kinds of coffee. Using a beaker that shows extraction volume is a good way to create a more stable brew.

Milk Tea

Tea with a generous splash of milk has a sweetness and richness all its own. Make sure to use vat pasteurized milk at room temperature in order to preserve the flavor of the tea.

Sencha (Japanese green tea)

Ideal for a quick break, Sencha is the most commonly drunk form of Japanese green tea. Using freshly boiled water helps keep the aroma rich and full when you brew the tea.

Eggnog Coffee

Add a little festivity to your cup with this Eggnog Coffee recipe. This drink is the perfect way to start your day with a bit of the Christmas spirit!

Product Stories

I wanted to have a more enjoyable experience in the kitchen. I had many thoughts of how to achieve this, which led me to the creation of BALMUDA The Kettle.

Gen Terao, CEO and Chief Designer, BALMUDA

It's the experience that counts

It's the experience that counts

Two years ago, I bought a cookbook by the chef of Restaurant Omiya in Asakusa, Tokyo. It soon occurred to me that if all I wanted was to eat the chef’s cooking, it would have been faster to just go to the restaurant.

So why buy the book? Because I imagined making the same Japanese Hamburg steak (or Hambagu) myself at home, and seeing my children enjoy it. I realized that I bought the book not for the meal, but for the experience of cooking the meal for my family at home.

A wonderful breakfast

A wonderful breakfast

My previous cookbook experience laid the foundation for BALMUDA The Toaster, with a focus on “experiences over things”. Believe me, this toaster sees heavy use at my house too. Because the toast it makes is so delicious, I started making bacon and eggs in a cast-iron frying pan to go with it. This, in turn, made breakfast a more enjoyable experience than ever. It was only natural that I’d eventually start wishing for perfectly brewed coffee, as well.

Coffee, tea, soup

Coffee, tea, soup

One day, I decided I wanted to master the art of pour-over coffee. After my first few practice sessions, I was sure of one thing: existing kettles (traditional or electric) were difficult to use. I wondered what sort of nozzle and handle would provide the best pouring experience? After countless prototypes and discussions with baristas, BALMUDA The Kettle took on its current form. Brewing pour-over coffee is now a soothing ritual in itself.

The kettle is also ideal for more casual occasions when boiling water is needed -- from pots of tea to instant noodles. Whether in the kitchen or at the dining table, BALMUDA The Kettle delivers a natural and enjoyable experience.