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Kettle Spec Banner

Product Specifications

Unit dimensions

W 10.6 in. × D 5.6 in. × H 7.6 in.

Unit weight

Approx. 2 lbs

Rated capacity

0.6 L (20 fl oz)

Power supply

AC 120 V 60 Hz

Rated power consumption

1200 W

Length of power cord

Approx. 2.5ft


Black (Model number: K02H-BK)

White (Model number: K02H-WH)


Indoor household use

Contents of Package

  • files/Group_1033_2x_1.png


  • files/Group_1029_2x_1.png


  • files/Group_1032_2x_1.png

    Power base

  • files/Group_1031_2x_1.png

    Instruction manual



BALMUDA The Kettle has received international prestigious design award such as the 2017 Good Design Award (Japan), the 2017 iF Design Award (Germany), and the 2017 Red Dot Design Award (Germany), and is recognized around the world.

  • files/Image_229_2x_1.png

    iF Design Award

    A globally respected design award with over half a century of history, administered by Germany’s iF International Forum Design GmbH. Awarded to products with superior industrial design from around the world.

  • files/Image_406_2x_1.png

    Red Dot Design Award

    One of the largest design awards in the world, administered by Germany’s Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen.
    Products are judged on nine criteria, including innovation, functionality, human engineering, and durability, with the award going only to the finest.

  • files/Image_408_2x_1.png

    Good Design Award

    Japan’s only comprehensive design award, founded in 1957 and administered by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Participants include designers and companies from Japan and around the world.

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