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Speaker Technology

A unique technology that brings the true thrill of music

BALMUDA The Speaker creates the feeling of a live concert.
It is rechargeable, portable, and compatible with Bluetooth® and AUX input.
You can enjoy this musical experience wherever you go.
A cylindrical structure

360° of sound
A complete music journey

Unique design with a speaker installed facing upward. Sound is diffused in an upward direction, allowing for any number of people to enjoy three-dimensional sound regardless of their listening position.
77mm speaker

Excellent sound reproduction

The 77mm range capabilities seamlessly reproduce the entire sound range, realistically recreating vocals and instruments. It delivers honest sound to the listener without unnatural distortion.
Drive unit capabilities

Three-dimensional sound imaging

The unique drive unit produces a sound image with depth -- with bass as if it was coming from below, treble from above, and vocals from in front of the listener.
Encapsulated magic

Clear and contoured sound

The beautiful tubes, similar to a vacuum tube, is made of organic glass that is fortified and durable. The sealed enclosure also provides a spring-like action of tightly trapped air, resulting in a clear and crisp sound.
LED unit

Brilliance that enhances the groove

The LED unit shines like a live stage in time with the music. The precise and intricate glow consists of slight variations in light color, intensity, and blinking speed. It amplifies the vibe of every song.

Synchronizing sound and light at a speed of 0.004 seconds

A unique algorithm converts sound into light spark at a speed of 0.004 seconds. From up-tempo tracks to quiet songs, sound and light are fused together.