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Lantern Spec Banner


Unit dimensions

W4.4 x H9.8 (incl. handle) x D4.1 in.

Unit weight

Approx. 1.39 lbs

Power consumption

Up to 6.0W (When the lantern is on and charged at the same time)

Cable length

3.3 ft


Body: ABS; Shade: PC; Handle and Frame: SUS


Ni-MH rechargeable battery 3.6V/2,000 mAh

Battery charging time

Approx. 6 hours

Battery Life

3 to 50 hours (max illumination to min illumination)

Dust and water resistance


Light source

Sunlight LED(color temperature: 1600K)/White LED (color temperature: 3000K)


Approx. 195 lm

Operating temperature


Dimming Function

Stepless dimming


Black(Model number: L02H-BK)

White (Model number:L02H-WH)

Gray (Model number:L02H-GR)

Navy (Model number: L02H-NV)

Made in China

Package Contents

  • files/lantern-spec-package-img-01_pc.png


  • files/lantern-spec-package-img-02_pc.png

    AC adapter

  • files/lantern-spec-package-img-03_pc.png

    Power cable

  • files/lantern-spec-package-img-04_pc.png

    User's Manual (including User's Warranty)



In the year 2020, BALMUDA The Lantern received the Kids Design Award and the Good Design Award.

  • files/award-logo_kids-design2020.jpg

    Kids Design Award

    Kids Design Award recognizes products that excel in the following three areas: designs that contribute to the safety and security of children; designs that cultivate children’s creativity and sensibility; and designs that contribute to comfortably raising children.

  • files/award-logo_good-design.png

    Good Design Award

    Japan’s only comprehensive design award, founded in 1957 and administered by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Participants include designers and companies from Japan and around the world.

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