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Kissaten Pizza Toast

Kissaten Pizza Toast

From Japan’s traditional cafes called kissaten, this unique recipe will fill you with delicious nostalgia.


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Kissaten Pizza Toast Ingredients


Serves 2

2 slices, thick-cut white bread
0.4 oz, butter
3 tablespoons, pizza sauce
⅛ onion, sliced
1 green pepper
4 black olives
2 oz, shredded cheese

Mixture A

2.5 oz, ground pork
⅓ teaspoon, salt
½ teaspoon, black pepper
½ teaspoon, mixed herbs
1 garlic clove, grated
⅛ onion, chopped


Pizza Mode 4.5min


Ready in

  • Mix together the ingredients for mixture A. For best taste, set aside for more than 30 minutes.
  • Spread the mixture from step 1 thinly in the frying pan and cook. When one side is browned, flip over, break into half-inch pieces, and cook until done.
  • Spread butter on one side of the bread, followed by pizza sauce.
  • Place the meat mixture from step 2, onion slices, black olives, and shredded cheese in order. Toast on pizza mode for 4.5 minutes.
Japanese kissaten

Photo: © Coffee Shop Ace

About Japanese kissaten

Kissaten literally means a "tea-drinking shop," but typically refers to Japan’s traditional cafes. They were developed in the early 20th century as a quiet place to drink coffee and a gathering place for writers and intellectuals. While their numbers have been decreasing in recent years, kissaten are still looked upon very affectionately in Japanese culture as the living heritage of a golden age. For many, they are not just a place to enjoy delicious food and coffee, they also fill people with nostalgia and emotion.


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