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Hasami Porcelain

Gift with purchase
For 400 years, Hasami has been a ceramic town. Based on traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation, Hasami Porcelain was created under the direction of Takuhiro Shinomoto. Clean lines, organic textures and multifunctional design define Hasami Porcelain. Inspired by traditional stacked boxes, the modular product can be easily stacked and efficiently stored. During the production process, the product is passed through the hands of various artisans and finally hand-engraved into the characteristic Hasami Porcelain figure.
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  • BALMUDA The Brew
    BALMUDA The Brew
  • BALMUDA The Kettle
    BALMUDA The Kettle
  • BALMUDA The Toaster
    BALMUDA The Toaster
  • BALMUDA The Lantern
    BALMUDA The Lantern
A complimentary gift mug cup is available when purchasing BALMUDA The Toaster, BALMUDA The Brew, BALMUDA The Kettle, BALMUDA The Speaker, or BALMUDA The Lantern from June 10 until July 7, 2024, 11:59 pm PDT, while supplies last. Gift mug cup must be added to the order at the time of purchase. Customer will receive one randomly selected gift mug cup per ordered product. Gift mug cup is not available for accessories. Offer valid at US.BALMUDA.COM only and is not valid on previously purchased merchandise. Gift mug cup has no cash value. Valid in US only. Gift mug cup must be sent back with the order if the return request is for a refund and is for allitems originally ordered. There is no need to send back the gift mug cup for an exchange. For more information, please visit our Return Policy.