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Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

This hot cocktail was invented to warm passengers on Irish airfields. Try a sip without stirring first. The sweetness of the cold cream, the richness of the coffee, and finally the whisky. You will enjoy the deep flavours, which come at different times.


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1 cup

2.4 tsp ground coffee (medium-deep roasted, medium-fine ground)
0.7 oz Irish whiskey
2 tsp granulated sugar
1.5 oz cream



Ready in 15 minutes

  • Put the ground coffee in the dripper and select Strong Mode and Size S.
  • Make the cream: place the cream in a bowl and beat with a whisk while chilling. (Guideline: consistency should be a bit runny when moved.) Transfer to a pourable vessel (e.g. cup) and refrigerate.
  • Fill the glass with Step 1. Add the whisky and granulated sugar and mix well.
  • Slowly pour Step 2 into the glass and serve. Drink directly without stirring.


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