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Cheesy Game Day Chips

Cheesy Game Day Chips

Transform your chips into something spectacular! Enjoy this delicious and fun recipe from the comfort of your own home. These cheesy chips are easy to make and a great snack to feature while you watch the game with friends or for any other group gathering.


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Serves 2

2.1 oz potato chips
0.35 oz shredded cheese
0.35 oz cheddar cheese


Sandwich Bread Mode for 3 minutes


Ready in 8 minutes

  • Place potato chips on the baking pan (avoid overlapping chips so that the cheese will melt evenly).
  • Cut the cheddar cheese and the shredded cheese into pieces of the size you like and sprinkle them on top of the chips.
  • Heat them on Sandwich Bread Mode for 3 minutes.
  • Feel free to sprinkle black pepper, chili powder, parsley or any other seasoning on top for extra flavor.


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