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Camembert with Fruit on Toast

Camembert with Fruit on Toast

This is a go-to summer toast recipe for when you get your hands on some sun-soaked fruit. Savor the divine combination of fresh fruit with melted camembert cheese.


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Serves 2

1/4 baguette
1/2 wheel camembert cheese
1/2 orange
12 blueberries
Maple syrup
0.4 oz salted butter


sandwich bread mode


Ready in 12 min

  • Supreme the orange and cut in half; cut the camembert into small bite sizes.
  • Cut the baguette lengthwise into half, and then butter.
  • Put orange, camembert, and blueberries on top and toast for 4 to 5 minutes on Pizza mode.
  • Once the toast is ready, pour maple syrup on top.


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