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Black Tea

Black Tea

Drinking black tea lets you savor the distinct character of the tea leaves, enjoying the rich aroma and gentle amber color. Using freshly boiled water with plenty of air in it helps bring out the aroma clearly.


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Ingredients and equipment

  • Teapot   
  • Cup(s) and saucer(s)
  • Tea leaves (e.g., Darjeeling)  2 teaspoons [about 5 to 6 g] (for 300 to 320 ml water)
  • Tea strainer
  • Timer


Pour boiling water in the pot and cup to preheat them.

Discard the hot water from the pot. Add tea leaves measured with a teaspoon (about 1 spoonful per cup). [*With fine tea leaves, use 1 rounded teaspoon per cup (2.5 to 3 g); with large leaves, use 1 heaping teaspoon (3 g per cup ).]

Pour in boiling water quickly. Using freshly boiled water, which is highly aerated, makes the tea leaves swirl and extracts their flavor and aroma to the fullest.

Immediately put on the lid to brew the leaves. (With fine leaves, allow the tea leaves to brew for 2 to 3 minutes; with large leaves, 3 to 4 minutes.)

After brewing, lightly stir to even out the strength of the tea.

Pour the tea into the cup, using a tea strainer.



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