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BALMUDA Launches BALMUDA The Lantern

Apr 21, 2021

In line with the product’s motto of “Illuminate Your Every Moment”, BALMUDA The Lantern is a portable LED with modular brightness that creates the perfect, warm light for every situation. Ranging from comforting, flickering candlelight to a warm white light, the lantern is designed to provide the ideal lighting for any indoor or outdoor activity.

BALMUDA seeks to heighten life’s everyday moments starting with the light around us. BALMUDA The Lantern features an adjustable dial to customize the brightness level depending on the desired ambiance. The “Candle” setting offers a warm, candle-like light for dinner parties and relaxing, “Amber” mode allows for a gentle brightness perfect for any bedside, and “Warm White” offers an elegant white light bright enough for reading while also recommended for a peaceful evening stroll.

Made to fit everyday life, the lightweight lantern features a carrying handle and rechargeable battery and is water resistant, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

BALMUDA The Lantern comes in Black and White, and is now available on our online store and soon on Amazon.