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BALMUDA Introduces Two New Colorways To Two Primary Products

Aug 25, 2021

BALMUDA The Toaster is now available in Taupe, a slightly reddish, elegant brown lined with white. With this clean, subdued color, the toaster gently brightens up the space while complementing any kitchen design. BALMUDA The Lantern is now offered in Gray, a sophisticated addition to the existing Black and White offerings. The nuanced gray color gives different feels depending on when and where it is placed. The subtle color matches with any interior design. The new colorways reflect the minimalist design BALMUDA is known for, along with delivering innovative technology and thoughtful innovation.

BALMUDA The Lantern is a multipurpose lightsource designed to illuminate every moment, with an adjustable dial providing three different settings to create the perfect ambiance. The lightweight lantern also features a carrying handle, rechargeable battery, and water resistance, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. With a setting for every mood, BALMUDA The Lantern features light setting variations using its adjustable dial including “Candle” for warm, candle-like light, “Amber” for a gentle brightness and “Warm White” for an elegant white light.

BALMUDA The Toaster delivers the ultimate aroma and texture thanks to its unique steam technology and precise temperature control, resulting in the flavor and texture of freshly baked bread. Through this distinctive steam technology, a thin layer of steam envelops the item which lightly toasts the surface while maintaining its inner flavor and moisture.

Both BALMUDA The Toaster in Taupe (retail price: $329.00) and BALMUDA The Lantern in Gray (retail price: $199.00) are exclusively available on the BALMUDA USA website and Amazon.