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Toaster - Select mode - List of baking times

Experiment With Your Favorite Breads

Sandwich Bread Mode

This mode gives even thinly sliced bread a deliciously crisp surface and light interior

English muffin 3~5 min
Gluten-free bread 3~4 min
Multigrain bread (supermarket) 3~4 min
Rye bread (supermarket) 2.5~3.5 min
Sourdough bread 
2.5~3.5 min
White bread (supermarket) 2.5~3.5 min
Whole wheat bread (supermarket) 2.5~3.5 min

Artisan Bread Mode

Toasts thick breads & fresh, moist breads to a perfect golden brown

Boule bread (Bakery) 3~4 min
Multigrain bread (Bakery) 3~4 min
Rye bread (Bakery) 3~4 min
Sourdough bread (Bakery) 3~4 min
White bread (Bakery) 3~4 min
Whole wheat bread (Bakery) 3~4 min

Pizza Mode

Grills food with a higher temperature above than below

Bagels (sliced) 3~4 min
Pizza (room temperature) 3~4 min
5~7 min
Pizza (frozen) 6~8 min

Pastry Mode

Warms pastries and breads thoroughly, without browning

Baguette 3~4 min
Burger bun 3~4 min
Brownies 3~5 min
Ciabatta 3~5 min
Croissant 3~4 min
Danish 3~4 min
Flatbread 3~4 min
Hot dog bun 3~4 min
Pain au chocolat 3~4 min
Pita bread 2~3 min
Roll 3~4 min
Scone 3~5 min
Tortilla 2~3 min

Oven Mode

(no water required)

Gratin, cookies, frozen food etc. various
  • Note:
  • * Do not put bread higher than 2.2 inches in the toaster, as it could burn or char if too close to the heating tube.
  • * With toppings or ingredients that could drip or fail, be sure to use a heatproof tray or dish.
  • * Pastry Mode only heats food, with no browning. If some browning is desired, for example on burger buns, use Sandwich Bread Mode.