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Valentine Gift Box

We are offering a special gift box for purchases made through our online store. They are inspired by Japanese origami and are an elegant way to present your BALMUDA gift.


How is the gift box packaged?

The gift box is already constructed, and the product is placed inside the gift box.
We place the inner carton containing the product in the gift box and then place it in an outer shipping carton to protect the product as well as the gift box.

Can you combine multiple items into one gift box?

Each item will be packaged individually.

If I purchase a gift box, will that affect the delivery date?

As we can only process a limited number of orders per day, it may take approximately one day longer than the indicated scheduled shipping date, during high volume periods.

Can I specify the delivery date?

We do not offer an option to deliver orders on specific dates.
For more information about the delivery date, please refer to this article on the Support page.

Do you offer message cards or engraving services?

Unfortunately, we do not provide these services.

Can I choose the color of the gift box?

The gift boxes are only available in gray.

Will a packing slip with the price be included?

A packing slip is not included, nor are there any price tags attached to the product or the outer/inner cartons.

What will be shown on the invoice?

The sender information will appear under the recipient address and phone number on the shipping label as such: “INV; John Smith”. Please note, the “From” field on the shipping label appears as “Transcosmos team C/O Yusen Logistics (America), Inc.”

Can I get the gift box just by itself?

The gift box is only available if you purchase a product.

If I place an order for multiple items, can I purchase gift boxes for only the items I want to ship as gifts?

During the checkout, you may specify the items you wish to have gift-packed and purchase the gift boxes. We do not offer the option to ship to multiple addresses. All items within a single order can only be shipped to the same address. If you wish to ship to multiple addresses, please place separate orders per shipping address.

How long will the gift boxes be available for?

Gift boxes are available during our Valentine Campaign (February 1 to February 14). Please select the gift box when you add the desired item to your cart. It will be added to the cart along with the product.