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Send a Special Holiday Message

Nov 02, 2020

Send a Special Holiday Message

Send the gift of BALMUDA to your special someone. Now you can include a personalized message to be delivered on an exclusive BALMUDA card.

Cost: $1.50
Period: Monday, November 2 - Friday, December 25, 2020

How to order

  1. Go to the online store and add the card to the shopping cart along with the gift.

  2. Compose your message at checkout.

    (The default message is “Have a wonderful holiday with BALMUDA!”)
  3. Place your order.

  4. Wait for the package to be delivered to make your special someone’s day!

Sample card


  • 144 character limit

  • Font type and character have already been chosen for you

  • The card will be placed on top of the product box

  • One card per package, regardless of the number of products being gifted